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Our provider solutions department provides full-service practice management and consulting to private practices and medical groups all over the U.S.

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Tiana has provided wonderful support to my practice. Her assistance with billing and facilitating communication with other parties has taken a huge mental load and time expense off the practice. Tiana is always responsive, organized, attentive to details, and dependable. Having a trustworthy and professional person in her role has provided us with so much peace of mind. Additionally, Tiana’s background in the healthcare system has been a huge resource in navigating related business decisions, and we value her input and guidance tremendously. Thank you, Tiana!!

Dr. Shouse Clinical Psychologist – California

I have been working with We Care, directly with Tiana for approximately one year. Tiana has demonstrated her commitment to assisting me with expanding my practice. She quickly identified a facility when I can utilize my clinical skills to help patients in a skilled nursing environment. Tiana has been consistently responsive, attentive and diligent throughout the process of getting credentialed with Medicare. Tiana was very supportive as we navigated through this process. I’ve truly enjoyed my experience so far with We Care and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

Austin LCSW - Illinois

I've been working with We Care Psychology for over a year now and it has streamlined my business needs. I am extremely satisfied with the ability to run my practice through We Care. We Care has proven a diligent, responsive and extremely attentive administration service. I cannot say enough about the level of professionalism and support. If you are looking to expand your practice, you will not go wrong We Care Psychology

Dr. Nnaji Clinical Psychologist – California

Tiana/WeCare provides services that are thoughtful, conscientious, timely and detail oriented. She assists me in getting paneled with providers, submits bills and follows up regularly to ensure that they are paid in a timely fashion. She communicates clearly about any issues that need to be addressed and manages a clear and effective referral process that allows me to focus my time and energy on clinical work.

Dr. Devlin Clinical Psychologist - California

Diagnostic Evaluations:

  • A comprehensive assessment of a patient’s psychological functioning, with specific recommendations for treatment and development of goals.

Individual Psychotherapy Sessions:

  • These are multi-modal services delivered to address a patient’s psychological and cognitive difficulties. Typical issues are: depression, anxiety, stress management, chronic pain, loss, grief, and role transition.  Our clinicians practice collaborative care within our facilities, providing feedback and recommendations to staff as well.

Psychotherapy sessions with patient and family

  • These sessions invite a family member or members into the process of learning about symptoms and improving communication.  Caring for an ill family member causes tremendous strain on the entire family system. These sessions can improve caregiver understanding of certain psychological or cognitive conditions, assist with identifying more effective ways of responding to the patient, and assist with improving both caregivers’ and patient’s adjustment to physical difficulties and transition.

Group Psychotherapy Sessions:

  • Psychotherapy delivered in a supportive group setting to address emotional difficulties, and improve coping, communication, and socialization.

Psychological and Neurobehavioral Evaluations:

  • These evaluations include multi-modal assessment to gain diagnostic clarity, assess for mood disturbance, and evaluate cognitive functioning in the areas of memory, attention, organization, executive functioning (planning, decision-making, impulse control), processing speed, language, and visual-spatial functioning.  These assessments include defined treatment goals and specific recommendations to improve mood, behavior, cognitive functioning, and overall quality of life.

Health and Behavioral Assessments and interventions:

  • These address a patient’s physical health issues, re such as symptom management for chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes, arthritis, COPD, heart-disease, obesity, stroke, cancer, etc.) and a patient’s motivation and adherence to medical protocol and treatment.  These interventions identify emotional and cognitive barriers to physical recovery and include delivery of tools to help patients work through these to improve overall health outcomes.

Dementia screening:

  • A comprehensive assessment of a patient’s psychological functioning, with specific recommendations for treatment and development of goals.

Cognitive rehabilitation:

  • After cognitive strengths and areas of improvement are identified with assessment, we can then implement specific cognitive exercises to improve attention, processing speed, mental alertness, memory and problem solving. These exercises can also prevent a decline of cognitive abilities during the aging process.

Pain management services:

  • Chronic pains is present in 75-85% of the elderly population in care facilities (Ferrell, Ferrell, & Osterweil, 1990; Tsang et al., 2008). Having chronic pain greatly increases the potential for the development of depression, anxiety, decreased mobility, and sleep problems.  These services combine research-based behavioral and psychological interventions to help a patient gain mastery over their pain, and reduce dependency on the healthcare system.

Teletherapy services:

  • Teletherapy services provide convenient access to personal counseling through utilizing internet-based video therapy. As we age, we face many stressors including decreased mobility and isolation and loneliness, which can lead to depression. With teletherapy, individuals can engage in counseling in their own environment and at their convenience to address these issues.